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Follow Up on a Job Application With This Email Template

Knowing increases your chances of getting hired. Put a note on your calendar to follow up one week after that date if you still haven’t heard back. When that day comes, send a quick note — no more than three paragraphs — to the hiring manager you dealt with. The content should be similar to what you wrote for the thank-you note. Express your interest and excitement about the role. Say something positive about the organization and ask if there is any additional information you can provide that would be of use. Tell them you are looking forward to hearing back soon.

It’s rare to see an application that lists contact information anymore. A lot of the time, a job how to follow up on a job application description will at least list a team or department or even the title that the role reports to.

How To Write A Follow-Up Email After Submitting A Job Application (With Examples)

Make sure your email is professional and thoroughly edited. You’re more likely to hear back on your application if a colleague within the company puts in a good word for you. If you’re active on LinkedIn then always check your network to see if you have any mutual connections to a company before following up.

If you’ve been offered a different job, but would prefer working for the employer that you haven’t heard back from yet, you can send a follow-up email sooner than two weeks. Just let the hiring manager know the situation and that they’re your top choice to see if they can fast-track you along in the hiring process.


Reiterate how your experience and skills are a match for their needs. Check the company website to see if your contact is listed. Spelling the name of the decision-make incorrectly. Make sure your voicemail message is professional in case they leave a message. If you have any side of insider connection at the company, lean on them at this point. See if you can get them to put in a good word and get your application to the top of the pile. Reaching out to a potential employer can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.